Some posters of 1971’s Liberation War.

Dear Readers, as it is December, the month of victory of Bangladesh, I am trying to post topics related to the Liberation War of 1971. It is very much fascinating for me as I am googling numerous sites in search of topics related to the 1971’s war and chapters of the past history of Bangladesh is revealing in front of me. It’s really an speechless feeling to know the past of your nation from other than the text books. And I am trying my best to give you the flavor of that feelings.

These are the some posters that were published in 1971 during the Liberation war. These posters helped Bangladesh to gain international support during the war. The first one is a legendary poster, produced by famous Bangladeshi artist Potua Kamrul Haasan. This is a caricature of Yahya Khan.

If anyone have more link(s) for other 1971’s war posters, please share the link(s) in this blog.

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