Salute to the Martyrs of the Bangladesh Liberation War 1971.

December, an extremely significant month in the history of Bangladesh. This is the month of victory for Bangladesh. On December 16, 1971; Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) achieved independence from Pakistan (then West Pakistan) after a continuous war of nine months, which is known as “Liberation War” or “Mukti Juddho”.

During the war there were widespread killings and other atrocities – including the displacement of civilians in Bangladesh and widespread violations of human rights – carried out by the Pakistan Army with support from political and religious militias began with the start of Operation Searchlight on 25 March 1971. At the end of the war Bangladesh lost 3 millions of her brave people.

I am remembering those valiant gems of Bangladesh without whom a new nation couldn’t be born. Without them we are nothing. They are our history. The brave soldiers of Bangla, we never forget you. You are our hero, our pride, our existence. May Allah give us strength so that we can stand against them who opposes you as well as the liberation war.

4 thoughts on “Salute to the Martyrs of the Bangladesh Liberation War 1971.”

  1. Assalam O Alaikum,

    i am Afran from Pakistan, and truly and honestly speaking i still feel very grieved about all the killings done in bangladesh (East-Pakistan) at that time, the scenario was horrible, and i am really felt sorry for everyone.. I hope that it was still East Pakistan and we would have lived together as a great nation. Due to Some of the Idiot and Pthetic Politicians from West Pakistan side, it all happened, and i felt deeply grieved, not only me but all the People of Pakistan… I hope that we were still as east and west Pakistan. The dream that Allama iqbal saw. i hope that we were still 1…

  2. @Maq: M@q not few but almost every well educated Pakistani, because from my teachers and Lecturers we have listened, understand and learned each and everything, as well as the consequences that lead to this thing. no hard feelings for everyone, But what ever happened was wrong, and i truely believe that it was our Pathetic Leader’s Mistake. Even the lecturers at our Universities also taught the same thing tat it happened due to our Stupid and Fool Politicians.

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