Introducing "BD Bloggerz"

I’ve recently develop a site where all the blogs from Bangladeshi bloggers will be listed. Mainly for last few days I’ve searched the web for a blog directory where all the Bangladeshi blogs but I didnot find any. Actually I found one in 3rd World’s View. I wanted to make a complete directory where any one can find any Bangladeshi blog in a simple and easy way. And here comes BD Bloggerz.

I’ve listed as many blogs as I could, but for listing all the blogs I need the help of all the Bangladeshi bloggers. It is a open request to all – please make post in your blog about this site and please inform others by any means, it may be by email or forum posts.

8 thoughts on “Introducing "BD Bloggerz"”

  1. Great work! Why don't you create a button so that we can put that in our blogs/sites to link back to this directory?

    And I would request you to take some time at least a month to update new blogs. If you mail me I can share with you my opml file which contains much more Bangladeshi blogs.

  2. @ Rezwan
    Thanx for the complements. I'll surely manage some times to maintain this site, and it will be very helpful if you share your site list. I'll mail you shortly. Actually I'm kinda busy now. Thanks a lot.

  3. হা হা হা। হাসালেন ভাই। তেলাপোকা কখনো অস্তিত্ব হারাইছে? আমিও হারাইনি। অনেক ভালো আছি। কত বড়ো এক বিপদ থেকে বেঁচে এসেছি সেটা শুনলে আপনিও হিক্কা তুলবেন। যখন একবার এ লিখবো না বলেছি তো আর সেখানে লিখবোই না। নিজের বাড়িতে ( লিখছি ইদানিং। ভালো থাকবেন।

  4. Salaam sir. Sorry for my late response, actually I was out of the net for a long time, for various reasons. You've done a fantastic job with the new blog directory. It's a great start, and Inshallah it'll go a long way. Thanks for including my blog as well.

  5. Great initiative, would be good to promote it in as many ways as possible, word of mouth, Facebook, wherever. By the way, have you ever thought of arranging a BlogExpo or something like that in Bangladesh? Although you have met before, you keep on meeting every now and then, but we are talking about something in a larger scale, where such initiatives could be endorsed and announced and many new initiatives could be chalked out. Or do you think we are fine the way we are? Just a suggestion. Thanks.

  6. @ Bangladesh Corporate Blog

    Good idea! It'll really enhance our Bangladeshi blogosphere very much. But for that we need a common platform from where we can keep connection with each other.

    In that case this site can be play a great role.

  7. Great job. You should start a facebook page of bd bloggerz now. It'll be more helpfull. 🙂 your idea is awesome, your badges as well. Like most of them.

    Hope, you'll add some ranking and award for topic specif blog soon.

    Thanks for this great work 🙂

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