Dream of a New Bangladesh!

December… the month of victory of Bangladesh. In 1971, in this month, Bangladesh achieved her independence from today’s Pakistan. After the victory, all Bangladeshi people dreamt of a new era, a new history. this year, 36th December has come to Bangladesh, but did our dream become true? From the point where I stand, I don’t find that Bangladesh for which 3 millions people died in the liberation war of 1971. What we got in the last 36 years?

Last 36 years, Bangladesh was totally under the grasp of the politics. Every Bangladeshi will admit the truth that the main reason of the lack of proper development of this country is the political parties. Here political parties do politics for their own benefits. They don’t think about the people and the country. By the way, they think of people only in the time of election. They introduced student politics to fortify their power. They became richer and richer. Suddenly things became changed. Once who were considered above all laws, now are in jail for their past misdeeds. This happened after the Caretaker Government took the power in this January when the polical parties made the situations of the country worst in the history of Bangladesh. Thanks to the caretaker Goverment for firmly handle the situation.

I know some people don’t like this Caretaker Goverment as they are not the elected one. But just think what have the elected parties done to us? What benefit they brought for us? We always forget the past, that’s the problem. We quickly forgot the incidents of November-December of 2006. I still remembered those days, when I got out of home everyday morning, I didn’t know whether I could get back. Every streets were turned into battle ground between various political parties. Is their war for our betterment? No that’s only for their own good and power. Just see what they have done to our country in the last 36 years. Bangladesh don’t have any heavy industries like automobile industries. Our neighouring country India is now doing offsourcing to other developed countries but we are doing? Now a days the economical condition is seemed to be improved. The only problem is the high price of every thing. I believe the goverment will take necessary steps to control the situation.

Sidr, the most devastating cyclone in the history of Bangladesh has hitted the country in this November. The southern part of the country was massacred. Our pride Shundorbon was wiped out along with it’s heterogeneous species. People faced terrible sufferings. All Bangladeshis, from home or aboard, are helping the affected people with their full abilities. Sorry… not all the Bangladeshis are helping. Our beloved political leaders are not participating in the relief works. But if you recall any of the previous natural calamities, you should also recall their smiling faces while distributing relief among the people at that time on all the television channels. What have changed their mind? Are they saving funds for their upcoming election procedure? Or are they ashamed of what they had done in the last 36 years?

I am not a mind reader. I don’t know what is in their mind. But I can tell what is an ordinary Bangladeshi’s dream is. Like all the fairy tales we just want to say “…and they lived happily ever after!” about us. Can’t we make this line true in our life? Can’t we hope a fresh Bangladesh where there will be no corruption, people will have no complain, every people will be proud of being a part of this country. Can’t we start to rebuild our dream country?

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  1. Your views & feeling about this caretaker govt makes me mention that you are one of millions of people in Bangladesh & abroad, who have been being lied to by this regime since they appeared in January 11, 2007. What you have written comparing this regime with previous political admins have been little bold, or I can say, like 'jajba' e say in Bangla. I mean everyone is saying these stories, which are very narrowly covering out many of present facts, or is camouflaging many crimes, corruptions & contradictory stuffs to national interest those are being done by present CTG. This cannot be explained or described in a single comment, thats why I like you to keep in touch with some of following bolgs.


  2. Thank you for the comment. I really appreciate your view, actually I agree with you. I am not an politics expert. So what I see with my vision I wrote those in my writings. After all I've a human vision Which always has the possibilities of having a demarcation line.

    This CTG might be lied, but you have to admit that we are in the better situation after our birth. Actually I haven't seen Bangladesh so moored for the last 20 years. For the last several years, whoever ruled Bangladesh, earned billions of money! We didn't have any security at that time. From my personal experiences I can say that I feel much secured in today's Bangladesh. If you consider the national interests, I would say previous political parties considered their own bank balance rather than the country.

    I am not in favor of CTG's ever lasting appearance. But what I feel, if our previous political parties could run the country in the same way! To my point of view this CTG is not better than the previous admins but at the same time they are not worse. At least Bangladesh downgraded in the list of the corrupted countries. Like the other Bangladeshis I also want a true patriotic government body for Bangladesh.

  3. God Bless Bangladesh. As a Pakistan we wish you well. Both our countries are struggling to survive and become prosperous. Pakistanis have nothing but reverence for all Bangladeshis and condemn the mistakes of the past.

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