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It is really a shocking news that Google is going to collapse it’s Google Page Creator (GPC). Instead of GPC they are introducing Google Sites (GS). I’ve noticed it recently. I couldn’t resist my surprise at this news. GPC is a simple way to create web pages without knowing HTML. GPC’s rich text editor is now included in many other Google services, but Google decided to focus on the more powerful GS. Google doesn’t allow new users to sign up for GPC. While current users are still able to use the services of GPC, new users are being directed to its sister site, Google Sites. Google is expected to move all Page Creator content to Google Pages later in the year.

Google Sites is almost similar to GPC. I said ‘almost’ because it doesn’t allow users to upload any HTML file. Which means users have to pick the websites’ look from GS’s default template; users don’t have any privilege to set their own HTML pages. It is a bad news for me, because all of my GPC sites are using their own HTML files not GPC’s default one. Though Google said that they will shift all the files, images and web pages stored in GPC  to Google Sites later this year, this may be a concern for some as it will lead to broken links because GS and GPC follows a different URL structure. More over as GS doesn’t support any uploaded HTML pages, the transition may permanently delete all of those unsupported files. To me, GPC is far far better than GS.

I actually have no idea why Google is closing their one of the most popular web services. Google Sites is nothing more than a wiki. Do the people need a website or a wiki for their personal or business homepage? Google is saying that GS is more powerful than GPC as GS uses the contents management. Well… this is the only thing the GPC is lacking of. Wouldn’t it be better if the feature is added in GPC? Wiki is obviously an important feature in today’s internet, but people will not like it as their home page. So, what if both GPC and GS are staying side by side? I don’t any necessity of closing either one for surviving the other.

Users of GPC is already depressed hearing this news. They still believe that GPC will not be closed at all some how. They have also taken an initiative to save the GPC by a petition. The same debate is going on Google Page Creator Discussion Group. I recommend every GPC user to sign the petition. And above all I still believe that the world really still needs Google Page Creator. So a request to Google, “Can’t you please save the Google Page Creator from it’s termination!

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  1. With Google Page Creator you could upload HTML files and it was much easier to make your pages look exactly the way you wanted using uploaded HTML files and CSS files (or CSS in HTML). With Google Sites you can’t use uploaded HTML files with CSS and you can’t use scripting either.

    When I tried moving my Google Page Creator pages to Google Sites, I had to copy and paste the HTML source from the HTML files and change and tweak the HTML and it still looks disgusting. Also, my week old Google Sites website got banned, because its spam filter sucks so I had to contact the Google Sites team to get my Google Sites website back. Now my pages are back to Google Page Creator and I’m not sure what I should do. Google Sites is definitely Beta and should be told on every page on that service.

  2. I am so much worried about the Transition and the features of Google Sites. All my HTML files must be lost in transition as Google Sites doesn't support uploading HTML files. Don't know what to do…

    If Google can terminate any of it's Beta applications, so what about Gmail? It is still in Beta. If they can shut down GPC they can also do the same for Gmail. If it will ever happen then what will we do with our mails and other important attachments stored in our Gmail account! Will all things be lost?

  3. You're quite right. I've tried out both of GPC & GS. But I found GPC much user-friendlier.

    BTW, I think Google will yet terminate GPC, as they're focus has gone somewhere else and they have already published notice on the login page of Google Page Creator.

  4. Congratulations for your iniciative. I'd like to sign the Petition, please send me.

    My idea is that GPC is one of the most easy system to create web page and one of the most interesting idea to improve the global and relevant digital inclusion in cyberspace. One person with few knowledge of HTML can create one page fastly and great facility.

    For me there are only 2 problems with GPC: is invisible to searcher and is not known for many people – the great public of the web: teens, kids and youngs and the new users: the grandparents.

    I created one group also, but unfortunately I didn't have time to share this group with others.

    Thanks a lot for this space and to great idea of the petition.

    For me kill the GPC will be a great and historical error and this decision will indicate the first evidence of the lake of vision of the future trends by Google Staff and its Directors.


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