This incident took place in Boshundhora City Shopping Complex on last thursday, when me and one of my colleagues went to the shops for buying an 1 GB memory card for a Nokia N95 mobile set. While we were searching for the desired memory card, suddenly a mobile set on the display caught my sight.

It was a Nokia N95. The amazing thing was it’s price tag; the tag announcing that it’s worth 6600 tk (approximately 9.5 USD)!! I was surprised and showed my colleague the tag. He was also astonished. How could it be possible for a Nokia N95 series to have such a low price? Definitely something fishy there. I curiously took the set and observe carefully. Then it became clear to me. Instead of the spelling “NOKIA” it was embedded with the spelling “NCKIA”. And the difference between “C” and “O” was so mere that one could not observed the difference at the first glimpse.

Just see the real Nokia logo and the fake Nokia logo that I found in the market. I tried to draw the fake logo similar to that one I saw in the shop.

The real logo

The false one

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