Miss U, Dipu.



I am terribly missing you buddy, since you went to Bhutan on an official assignment. It’ll be very difficult for me to spent days without talking to you. I’ll miss our Friday’s & Saturday’s adda and the snacks in Star Kabab. The night before your leaving I couldn’t imagine what I’ll feel after you left Bangladesh. Only three days have been passed after your leaving Bangladesh, but it seems to me as if I am missing you for ages! I never thought of such a long interval since we’ve first met in IUT.I can’t say what is friendship because it is a matter of realization. For the last few years I realized your shadow in every steps of my life. I found you in my joy as well as my sorrow. You are one of my source of every kind of helps. Without realizing you have become my closest friend.

May your stay in Bhutan be remarkable. Never be hopeless, yaar. Always remember, there is one of your buddies who will pray for you forever. You are always something more than a friend to me.

Hope to see you on the upcoming Eid-ul-Adha, inshallah. Miss you yaar!

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