Bangla Unicode Fonts in Firefox 3

Previously I’ve written a step by step guide for setting the Firefox up for Bangla unicode fonts. That was for Firefox 2. But that guide can also handle Firefox 3 (some of my reader have already done that and I myself also). So if you are using Firefox 3 and can’t see Bangla fonts then click here.

Another common problem is, many users are seeing the Bangla title in the tabs too small too read clearly. This can be fixed if you use Solaiman Lipi as your default Bangla unicode fonts. Click here to download Solaiman Lipi fonts. Another font with which you can resolve this problem can be downloaded from here. Also you can use Siyam Rupali for avoiding this problem. If the problem still exists then go to Vrinda Hacking; download the Vrinda font from there and put it in your Windows’ Font folder replacing the older one. It should make your Bangla look better. (I myself didn’t try with the Vrinda font, because I got the better look with the Solaiman Lipi font and I actually don’t recommend Vrinda.) You also can download a lot of Bangla unicode fonts from Omicronlab.

If you are new to Bangla keyboard or facing problems in writing with Bangla fonts, you can read this article.

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