Back to the Busy Life.


I am going to embrace the busy life again. As the classes of Fall 2007 semester in AUST has begun in a full swing, I’ll be again in the classroom in front of a white board delivering lectures. For the last three weeks, AUST was not so much active as the students were in vacation after their semester final exam. Though the classes started from this week; due to the first week of the new semester, AUST did not seem to be alive at all.

This semester I was assigned to co-ordinate a new course, that is, Digital Electronics. My previous course, Programming Language, is assigned to Minhaz Akram (one of my senior from IUT and a lecturer in EEE department AUST). Mr. Ahmedullah Siddiq, Assistant Professor from our EEE department helped me much for this subject. Hopefully I’ll enjoy the subject. As it is a new subject for me, it will keep me quite busy for a pretty long time.

Sometimes I think, what I’m missing in life? Life is becoming very busy day-by-day. Can’t manage time for meeting the old friends. Can’t have a moment break to escape from the monotonous of every day’s life. Can’t get a chance to enjoy the beauty of the nature. But whatever I say, I’ve no choice, this is life, and I’ve to admit it.

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