Sachalayatan Banned??

Sachalayatan, one of the prominent and popular Bangla blogging platform is being suddenly halted in Bangnladesh. The authority have assured that there is no technical problem in their server. More over it can’t be access from Bangladesh only. Users from other countries can easily access this site. So two facts can be happened for this occurrence: either it has been banned or BTCL has some technical problem.

But majority bloggers in blogosphere are believing the first possibility, that is it has been banned. But why? Well… the most appreciating answer is after the hostile behavior of the liberation war criminals of Bangladesh with our freedom fighters, Sachalayatan has protested that incident by taking the side of the freedom fighters. And to majority of people of Bangladesh believe that the hatred razakars (iberation war criminals) have enough political powers to ban thi site. Unheard Voices has posted the whole facts in their blog. Read the full article here.

As a blogger I expect that Sachalayatan should be back in the full swing. Hope to see it alive soon. My request to all Bangladeshi blogger for raising the voice against this occurrence.

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