Aabjaab: My New (Bangla) Blog

I’ve just created another blog. It’s another personal blog of mine. I’ve already have one, why the hell I created another one? Actually it is more likely a memory storage than a blog. I’ve a very simple life (who knows me will agree in this point). But when I saw them back they seem to be the golden days of my tiny life. So why don’t I share them with others? Memories are sweet. They are sweeter when they are reminisced. Bur they are even sweetest when they are shared with others. And this thought allured me to create this blog.

This time I’ve chosen Blogspot for publishing it. Why Blogspot? First – unlike WordPress it allows any templates for using in blog. Secondly (the most important) – I need a URL containing my favorite nick “maqtanim”. This blog is written in Bangla. Because I find it more comfortable to write my past memories in Bangla. No language favors me so much like Bangla to express my exact feelings.

I always prefer WordPress for blogging as it is easy to use and it has some really breathtaking premium themes. Personally I liked Brian Gardner‘s template. But as WordPress doesn’t allow editing CSS layout (in free of cost) in their DOT COM version, I had no chance to use Brian’s marvelous themes in my WordPress blog. Recently I got the XML code of the Revolution Theme (one of the Brian’s Finest creation for wordpress) for Blogger and it took me thinking why I am not using this theme in Blogspot? I’ve polished the CSS layout as my requirements. And… well … I did what I’ve thought. And now the site is up!

I was puzzled to give it a proper name. Then I named it as “Aabjaab”. I saw this word in a book written by Ahsan Habib. Ahsan Habib is a leading cartoonist and the editor of Unmad, the only satire magazine of Bangladesh. What does Aabjaab means? It means totally scrap or trash! I don’t think my life is that much interesting that I can write it in a literary way like the famous writers (actually I am not a writer, not in a slightest chance 😀 ). Which means all my stuffs are just no more than junk!

Enough talking. Now just go to my new blog and give me your feed back. I am eagerly waiting for the first comment in my new blog.

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  1. hmm… Design of your Bangla blog is really nice 🙂 . It's through that blog I came to know that you were from my batch – NDC 2002 HSC :-D.

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