November Rain.

It’s November, the beginning of the winter. The curtain of fogs are just waiting to be fallen. Every morning is becoming chiller than the previous day. Sun rises in late everyday. Weather is becoming more lifeless. The trumpet of winter is heard from a distance. All arrangements has been set, just waiting for the arrival of winter. Countdown has been begun. But all of a sudden, like an adroit warrior, Rain just swept away all the preparations. This November rain took place in this afternoon, making a sudden pause to the urban life.

From the very morning, the sky was bright with a shiny winter sun. After a few hours, the sky began to change it’s look, turning into gloomy grey from gleeful combination of blue and white. Then it changed into dark grey at afternoon. I was on a rickshaw at that time. I could smell the scent of rain in the wind. After a few minutes, large chill drops of rain began to trickle upon me. Not a bad feeling. It was comfortable until the smaller drops started to bite. I pulled the rickshaw-hood to cover myself.

Then all of a sudden, it turned into a heavy rainfall. People were running to and fro for shelters. I was half soaked. I could not see the front view, all nature suddenly became blur. Dhanmondi Lake was looking like a artistic masterpiece. The pulsating lake surface together with a down poured nature made a picturesque view. The streets were shinning with the bright headlight and red taillight of the cars. A few minutes later, the rain had stopped. But it left it’s muddy signature on the street.

I am an engineer, not a poet. Engineers were claimed to have a solid mechanical heart and were far from realizing the beauty of nature. And I am not opposing this hypothesis. But sometime those mechanical organ feels flabby inside and can be allured by the beauty that is molded by the Almighty Himself. And I am not so much different from them!

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