The Ubuntu Countdown Site

I’ve not notice this site earlier. The site contains a huge countdown timer for the latest Ubuntu release (right now it is showing the count down for the upcoming release Oneiric Ocelot aka Ubuntu 11.10). Seems a cool initiative to promote Ubuntu. The site is created by the Ubuntu-Adverts team (I am not sure whether they are an official part of Canonical or not). And the site has cool tag line too –

A whole new world. A whole new computer.

Well … the downside of the site is, there are no clues on what Ubuntu is or what the new release will bring – neither in the body nor in the site title. I hope that with that kind of tag line, the non-Linux users may take notice.

Ubuntu Count Down Site

5 thoughts on “The Ubuntu Countdown Site”

  1. For whatever reason, this countdown is not accurate. According to the release schedule,, Ubuntu 11.10 will release on October 13, but according to this countdown site, it will release October 11. Maybe it is actually a marketing ploy by one of the web sites determined to make the announcement “first”?

    1. The site is a project by the Ubuntu Adverts team as stated in the article. I don’t really follow much of what they do but I believe they’re a community effort rather than a Canonical-endorsed one.

      1. I’ve googled Ubuntu Adverts team, got some LP, wiki, site links, but none of those sites depict  Canonical’s name. Like Joey, I also think that they are a community effort. And they are doing good job actually. In their wiki they have some really good scripts to make some adverts. Hope to see those in action pretty soon.

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