Bangla Typing with Avro Keyboard

Avro Keyboard Startup Splash

Like the most of the Bangladeshi people, I don’t know the Bangla keyboard layouts. Because in Bangla scripts we’ve 11 vowels, 35 consonants, 5 modifiers and numerous consonant conjuncts. To make it more complex, there are several keyboard layouts which are differ from each other. It is a quite difficult matter for me to be handy with one of those keyboards. What a shame for me! Being a Bangladeshi I don’t know how to write Bangla in IT world! But that problem was pacified when I met with Avro Keyboard.

I received several questions from my known-circles about how a complete idiotic ignorant of Bangla Key-layouts like me writes in Bangla. Actually that’s why I must thank to Avro Keyboard. Because this keyboard supports English to Bangla phonetic typing method. That means if you write amar sonar bangla. it’ll show “আমার সোনার বাংলা। automatically. Isn’t it fantastic! See a snap shot on how your English text is converting to Bangla using Avro Keyboard.

Avro Key Board preview

Avro Keyboard is a free software. Any one can download it. After installing it’ll be automatically stored in your system tray leaving a small toolbar on the top of your desktop. This toolbar indexes all the options for using the keyboard. This tool bar is also very stylish in outfits. Just look it at below.

Avro Keyboard Toolbar

Another exciting feature is that you can use mouse for typing Bangla like the Character Map of Windows OS. For the totally newbies (who even can’t use keyboard) this is a damn good option for writing in Bangla.

Now you all know my secret of writing Bangla in the Blogosphere or in Facebook or Orkut! But to use it on your browser first you need to set up your browser for Bangla Unicode. I prefer Firefox for that job. Read my guide for Firefox users to prepare Firefox for Bangla unicode.

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  1. achha vaia,

    kicho kicho bangla site ache zei gula pc te bangla set up na thakleo dekha jay. Internet Explorer e…eita kivabe kore? janaben ektu?

  2. @ RAIHAN

    Well… Raihan I actually don't know how they do that… probably IE automatically configures Bangla setup (as it is come with Windows)… I actually don't know the reason(as I've not studied in Computer science 😛 )…


    Thnx for the visit…

  3. Thank you for posting such a nice post. I also love and use the features of Avro Keyboard, specially avro portable.
    Well, there's a problem I've met few days ago. I have created an EOT font and tried to add that on my blogspot page, but I failed. Would you please help me in doing this?

    If you wish to help me, please make another post describing the whole working process how to add an EOT font on website including blogspot page. Thank you. I hope you will help me.

  4. @ Sajib

    Thanx for dropping by. Well I am not that much professional for solving your problem (Specially in Embedded Open Type fonts). I recommend you to ask the solution to the real geeks. Any way what ever I know about EOT is it is the sole technology of Microsoft. So if you tried it with FF or Opera it may not work.

    I can give you the following link where you can find something really helpful.

    LINK for “How to embed Bangla Fonts in webpages”

  5. i have a problem with my avro keyboard .when i write i can see everything is ok. but when i print out my page it arrives errror page like some words doesn't see rightly- pl send mi one pm what the hell is going on my computer.

  6. Q: Raihan : "kicho kicho bangla site ache zei gula pc te bangla set up na thakleo dekha jay. Internet Explorer e…eita kivabe kore? janaben ektu?"

    A: For Internet Explorer: Go to– Tools > internet option > General > Language > Language preference > add > Bengali[bn] > Apply.

    For Firefox : Go to — Tools > Options > Advance > Language > Choose > Select Language "Bengali [bn]" > add > apply.



  8. Dear Sir,

    I am from Kolkata, India. I want to do DTP job by using Avro Unicode font in Bengali and Assamese languages. I have already downloaded Avro Unicode Complaint free Bangla software, version 4.5.1. It is superb. But with this software I can not do DTP. Please help me. My email id :

    Prasun Kumar Dey

  9. অভ্র কী-বোর্ড আমাদের অনেক সমস্যার সমাধান করেছে। তবে, এই কী-বোর্ড দিয়ে লেখার জন্য আরেকটু সুদৃশ্য ফন্ট তৈরি করা প্রয়োজন। এখন বিজয় বায়ান্নতেও ইউনিকোড ফন্ট দিয়ে লেখার সুবিধে হয়েছে। বিজয়ের মূল সংস্করণের সঙ্গে যে Sutonny MJ ফন্ট আছে সেটি ছাপার জন্য বেশ ভাল, খুব সুন্দর দেখায়। Solaiman Lipi ও BNG ও ভাল, তবে Sutonny MJ-র মত নয়। এ ব্যাপারে কি একটু চিন্তা করা যায়?

  10. I have been using Avro Unicode for last two years for Bengali & Assamese translation purpose. But there are a few porblems which I am facing:- (i) রু this is not proper way now-a-days, (2) ৰু same in Assamese language also. Even I can not type flawlessly ৰ & ৱ two Assamese words from directly my key board. Can it be possible to type these two words (without mouse clicking) directly from keyboard ? Kindly help me Mob : +91 9830680311

    1. অভ্র দিয়ে তো কোন ফন্ট ওপেন হবার কথা না! অভ্র লেখার সফটওয়্যার, যেকোন বাংলা ইউনিকোড ফন্টে সে লেখার মাধ্যম হিসেবে দারুণভাবে কাজ করে। সুতনী ফন্টটি ইউনিকোড সমর্থিত নয়। তাছাড়া এটা মুক্ত ও বিনামূল্যেরও নয়। এটা আপনাকে কিনে ব্যবহার করতে হবে। তবে অমিক্রনল্যাবের একটা আনসি ফন্ট আছে, সেটা ব্যবহার করে দেখতে পারেন, কাজ হলেও হতেও পারে। ফন্টটি পাবেন এখানে

  11. SutonnyEMJ এই ফ্রন্ট Avro Keyboard   kaj kora jayna keno. ki vabe kaj kora jay bolle khusi hobo. Thanks

    1.  এটা বিজয়ের নন-স্ট্যান্ডার্ড আসকি-ফন্ট, কোন ইউনিকোড ফন্ট নয়। যদ্দূর জানি অভ্র কেবলমাত্র ইউনিকোড ফন্ট নিয়েই কাজ করে। বিজয়ের ফন্ট অভ্র সাপোর্ট করে বলে জানিনা। তবে অমিক্রনল্যাবের ফোরামে সঠিক জবাব পাবেন বলে আশা করি।

  12. আমি অভ্র দিয়ে অনেক ভাল টাইপ করতে পারি। কিন্তু অভ্র দিয়ে illustrator and photoshop এ টাইপ হয়না। এটার কি কোন বিকল্প ব্যবস্থা আছে?

  13. i was using avro keyboard for two /three months and some days ago i found my bangla writing was not shown correctly such as if i type ami it appears as aa mo e-kar. i am using windows 7 in netbook. i thought there may be changed in any settings so i unistalled it then installed it again but not worked then i installed an older version 4.x but not worked………. so any help please……….

  14. I have been using Avro Keyboard for two/three years now and alhamdulillah it has been wonderfully easy to use with very few problems but when I try to use it in Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 the writing appears fine in normal view but as soon as I try to do the slideshow the font turns into boxes. I desperately need help for a presentation which is due in a few weeks and I’ve been working on this since forever!!! Please let me know how to fix this problem – I have tried to contact OmnicronLab but their forum has been disabled and I can’t find an e-mail address to contact them. I would be grateful for any kind of help. My e-mail is Many thanks in advance.

      1. Alhamdulillah I managed to find a solution, the font used by Avro is not listed in my font files so I looked for an alternative and found that Siyam Rupali was just as effective using the Avro Keyboard and although when I try to save my work it warns me that my work may not be saved but it saves it anyway! I have changed the ‘save’ settings to embed the font so that others can use the same Powerpoint presentation even if they don’t have the same font on their PC/laptop. All is well that ends well, thank you anyway. Jazak Allah Khair.

  15. I typed a document in Assamese and while printing it found that some characters eg. কা prints as ক া or তী as ত ী . Will you please suggest what to do to remove this problem? My e mail is

  16. there is no easy way of using “ref” in avro & the developer is a retard not including ref in avro mouse(there are like 15 symbols he used in avro mouse that i haven’t seen in my life).Ref is oftenly used in bangla – almost in every sentence you want to write.

  17. আমি বাংলা ঠিক লিখেছি কিন্তু প্রিন্ট নেবার সময় অন্য আসছে, যেমন – অজিত > িিঅজত
    এর সমাধান চাই…

  18. Dear All,
    I am using Avro for a while – I used both on Windows XP, 7 and 8. All original and paid version. However, while it comes to Avro, I have found one sever problem, time to time, it does not work or behaves like mad. For example, the keys does not work on a sudden, f12 opens the save as dialog box in stead of changing the keyboard.

    I used to know how to fix it on XP, stop Abro, delete all Avro related stuff from task bar. Often it fixed the problem. And most often not. I wont say, its a mere bug – is there any workaround? Thanks

  19. কার চিহ্ন কিভাবে দিব? যদি শুধু (ৈ) বা (ু) লিখতে চাই ওই হিডেন o টা বাদ দিয়ে ।

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