Taare Zameen Par: A movie of life time

I am neither a big fan nor a regular watcher of Hindi movies. Don’t think I am underestimating the Hindi movies. Actual reason is I don’t understand Hindi well (except some words those are similar to Bangla). So without subtitles, I don’t used to watch Hindi movies. That’s the reason why I am an occasional viewer of Hindi movies. Recently I watched the movie Taare Zameen Par directed by Aamir Khan two days ago. If I want to define the movie in one single line I’ve to say “it is one of the very touching movies I’ve ever seen”.

Taare Zameen Par

The story of this movie is about a dyslexic boy named Ishaan. Who hates school. Because of dyslexia, every subject is seemed to be difficult for him which leads him to fail in every subjects. His teachers and classmates subject him to constant acts of public humiliation rather than help him. It became worse when his parents send him to boarding school for being “excelled”. But life in boarding school did not make any change in his life as nobody there understood him. This changes however when a new temporary art teacher (Aamir Khan) joins Ishan’s boarding school. Then a wonderful story between a teacher and a student is portrayed in the movie. It is awesome to watch how a teacher can change a students life!

At the beginning of this post I used the word “touching” to demonstrate the genre of this movie. After watching the movie you can’t just hold your tear. You’ll feel a new of you in side yourself. Thanks to Aamir Khan for filming such a mervellous movie.

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