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No matter whether you are an occasional or a die-hard LibreOffice user, you are cordially invited to take part in The LibreOffice User Survey. The survey aims to gather user feedback so that future goals and development decisions are shaped towards users ‘needs and wishes’. As OMG!Ubuntu stated, in the LibreOffice mailing list Scott Pledger said:

With your opinion you are helping to improve future versions of LibreOffice and design them according to your preferences. Your answers help us to improve future versions of LibreOffice

The survey takes a few minutes and can be filled in online.

Though the link says “With your opinion you are helping to improve future versions of LibreOffice and design them according to your preferences!“, but it seems to me that they haven’t asked ‘that much’ actual questions to improve the future of the LibreOffice. And there should an option to suggest/propose anything new. If they would’ve asked, I would like to mention two things for the future improvement of LibreOffice:

  1. A much better integrity with MS Office. Though it comes a long way to be integrated with the MS Office, but still not sufficient. As an example, I have to use the LibreOffice Math (for creating and editing mathematical formulas), which doesn’t have good integrity with the MS Office.
  2. A much lucrative UI which will make the user to through the word ‘Wow’ from their heart! The UI is so oldish. Some really cool mockups had been proposed by Pauloup. See the sample mockup below:

Whatever it is, please participate the survey and guide the LibreOffice in a much cooler direction.

9 thoughts on “Take part in The LibreOffice User Survey”

  1. If selecting English gave me questions in English I’d do the survey, as it stands, it gives me question in every language but English.

    1. I’ve done it in English! And to be frankly, I do not know other 3 languages of that list.

      When you first land in that page , you’ll be greeted with the line – “Please select the language of the study:”. From the list if you select English, you should be proceeded for the english version of the survey.

      1. Just tried it. Selecting English seems to set the language to Dutch. Dutch is still Dutch.

        I’d like to suggest they get their languages right first. No offence meant 😛

    1. Actually I meant INTEGRITY as if it is depicted here. I am not a computer-guy, I am just a normal user. So I am not sure whether I could express myself correctly. I actually meant for the seamless usability between MSOffice and LibreOffice.

  2. Is funny, a survey of usability, which has a major problem of usability: do not read in the English language despite being selected by the user.Fortunately, my native language is Spanish, and Portuguese is relatively readable for me, but of course, some questions I could answer them wrong because I DO NOT SPEAK Portuguese, which is bad for the survey

  3. Most of the questions were unhelpful. “Both, depending on the situation” would often be my preferred answer. Many of the options at either end were not mutually exclusive in any way at all.

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