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It’s been a while I’ve been tagged! Well… it’s not entirely true though. I’ve been tagged by Faisal in one of his post a few months back. But for the extra-busy-life-with-thesis-hanging-on-my-neck I couldn’t complete the ‘tagging’ at that time. Despite of my unfinished tagging job, he has done it again! This time, he has also awarded me with a beautiful “Sunshine Award”! I don’t know what does this award stand for or whether I’ll be called Mr. Sunshine, but, after all it is an award and someone awarded me. Actually this is the first time anyone awarded me with an award as a blogger. So it is special to me! Thanks a lot Faisal. Here goes the sweet Award.
Sunshine Award
Enough talking, back to business. I have a job to do, remember? Now I am going to complete the tagging-mechanism or whatever it is called by hook or by crook. It is all about the favourite items of one’s life. So … here it starts:

My Favorites

  • Food: It’s Kacchi Biriyani! It always was, always is and always will be!
    • Color: Blue is my color. I love blue. Someone will say that it is a color of pain but hey … is the coolest color on earth – it is the color of the sky, the ocean, even the sleep twilight.
    • Sports: In my school life I loved to play football and cricket. In my varsity life I used to play tennis (I still have that tennis racket). Now a days, I am just a mere watcher of football. Because unlike cricket it takes only 90 minutes to come to an end result.
    • Dessert: Icecream! Icecream! and Icecream!
    • Artist/Singer/Band: Lots of choices actually. Westlife, Europe, Enigma, Yanni is my favourite. I also like John Denver, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Queen, Abba, Modern Talking etc. In Bangla, I am always a fan of the band Souls and Miles. Some of the song compositions of Habib, Ornob, Balam and Sumon sometimes really blow me away.
    • Pair of shoes: One pair is from Apex and another is from Dolcis.
    • Accessory: My laptop Dell Inspiron 6400 loaded with Ubuntu. And my watch from Wester.
    • Hobbies: Reading books (novels and comics) and blogging about everything! Oh there is another… I like to spread Ubuntu among the computer users!
    • Beauty product: Gillette Shaving Foam.
    • Snacks: Pringles!
    • Movies: It’s really tough. I like a lots of movies. I watch a lot of them. Well I mostly watch Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Comedy and Animation movies. And of course all the Disney movies. I am a die hard fan of Disney. I could remember plainly Rat Race, the Mask, The Italian Job, Oceans 11, The Independent Day, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Back to the Future, Cars, Monster Inc, Shrek, Toy Story and hell of a lot of them!

    Time To Tag and Pass:

    There is a time when I knew a lot of bloggers in the blogosphere. But last few years due to my busy-life, I lost most of them. So I am tagging YOU. If you are a reader of this post and if you have a blog then you are tagged. The rule is simple, after being tagged post this article with your favorite items in it and tag other bloggers, as many as you want. Also I am re-tagging all the tagged bloggers from Faisal’s post (as I am not acquainted with the bloggers now a days, so I am trying to make some)! That means Reema, Dew, Elegant Chic, Riyadh, Titaxy, Celestial Rays, Chatterbox, Psych Babbler, Pinny and Shahrina are also re-tagged!

    2 thoughts on “Tag Post: My Favourites”

    1. Wonderful post I will say..
      I read it days back.. but hadn’t time enough to comment… Biriyani is delicious enough to be the fav food 😀 and we have to common hobby of reading book 🙂

      keep on blogging tanim vai… may Allah bless us all 🙂

      1. Thanks for tagging me! After a l-o-n-g l-o-n-g time, I felt the excitements like the old days, when I liked to post on random things! Thanks for reminding me that feeling!

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