First Day First Show

Now, AUST has moved to its’ permanent new campus. Today was the opening of that campus. Students were all in a festive mode as they became a part of a history. It was just awesome! But there is some scarcity of facilities. In EEE department, faculty room has not been decorated at all! As I said earlier, laboratories are still incompleted. And we are lack of one lab, that is Simulation Lab. It surprised me when I found out that faculty spaces for all other departments has allready been decorated except EEE department. Ever since I joined in AUST, I found that EEE department is always been suppressed by the authority, though it is the largest department of the university with the large number of Faculties as well as students. But the authority does not take care of this department at all though a majority fund is come from EEE departemnt.

However, it is all our desire that this movement to a permanent campus will help AUST to increase its’ reputation in Bangladesh and aboard.

Following is a picture, where VC is giving speech today at 10:30 am as a part of the opening ceremony of the new campus. Sorry for the poor quality [as I took this one by my mobile phone].

AUST new campus

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