The Rain: a glimpse of past

When I am writing this post, there is a heavy rainfall outside my window. The cold soothing breeze is flooded into my room. This is not rainy season in Bangladesh. But rain in this time with rapid gusty winds or to be precisely storm is known as “KAALBOISHAKHI JHOR”. This is considered as the harbinger of Boishakh, the first month of Bangla new year. This stormy weather reminds me something very familiar which was in the past phase of my life.

For the first three years in IUT, my room was in 5th level (4th floor) which is the top most level in IUT. From our front balcony a clear view of surroundings is possible to enjoy as there is no high rise buildings outside IUT. Those storm mostly formed during the evening. When we sensed something stormy is going to formed, we all gathered in our balcony and raise our eyes to the south. We could clearly see the pitch black clouds coming toward us. All of a sudden a gusty wind began to blow and it really blew everything (dust, leaves etc) it got in front. And like a quick rider the pitch black clouds came with heavy rainfall. We were still on the balcony (though we were wet). All the environment become chilled with the rain drops. Sometimes there was ice-segment falling with rain. Have you ever taste it! It’s not have any special taste like sweet or sour, though it was fun. One of my roommates enjoyed to get shower in rain but wearing a raincoat!

Its just marvelous to see a storm forming in front of you! When I thought of those days, I really want to return in IUT. No one can ever tell how much IUT gave me, not even me! Just see the following picture that has been taken just after a heavy downfall. The red roads are sparkling and shinning just like mirrors. This is the front road of our dormitory (South Hall).

South Hall Street (in a rainy day)

3 thoughts on “The Rain: a glimpse of past”

  1. Hey Tanim! mon kharap kore dila to! Ahh! south hall, room-522! (dear readers, Tanim was in 521 :P)

    accha … comment e ki pic add kora jay? taile ami amar collection theke 2-1 ta chobi dite partam (rain in IUT).

    এই বাংলা লেখা পড়তে পার?

  2. i felt the same way during last rain of this year. As we are going through tough times of instability the charm of IUT days will make us more sad . But still it feeels nice to think " we had our Great time"

    Keep it up Tanim. Next time talk about something more cheering.

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