Highlights of the Opening Ceremony of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

Here is the highlights of the opening ceremony of ICC cricket World Cup 2011, that was held yesterday at Bongobondhu Stadium, Dhaka. I myself missed the live broadcast, so I’d to depend on the online videos of the ceremony.

Overall the whole ceremony was a tremendous success. I really could not remember when was the last time World Cup Cricket got such an warm welcome! The fascinating performances of the various artists from the different countries, the spectacular entrance of 14 captains riding rickshaws, the laser-cricket-play – all are marvelous. Well… to be frankly… the speeches from the political leaders seemed bit irritating to me, but that is the most negligible part… actually nothing comparing to the main events of the ceremony!

The crowd reserved its biggest cheer for Sakib Al Hasan's arrival © AFP

For those, who has not watched it yet, I’ve embedded the videos here. Enjoy the show!

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