Leaked scripts of Transformers 2: Real or Fake?

Recently I got a PDF copy of “Transformers 2” movie’s script in net. I don’t know whether it is real or fake. But it is sure entertaining. There are some touches of drafts and over pouring of ink for covert the identity, which make more confusion about the authentication. I got it from the site Transformer Live Action Movie Blog.


Unlike the cartoons, this script focuses on the transformers more than the humans. There are numerous transformers in both sides- Autobots and Decepticons. If it is the real story line, then it is obvious that TF2 is gonna be one of the most expensive Hollywood movie of all time. More over it has an unfinished story, which means of coming another part- TF3. The writer of this script (whether it is real or fake) should be thanked for such a colorful story line.

Don Murphy, the producer of the movie, has some comments in his here. This scripts may be or may not be an authentic one.

2 thoughts on “Leaked scripts of Transformers 2: Real or Fake?”

  1. Should be a great movie. Rumors are that it is being shot in Bethlehem, PA. But Bay has vowed to leak out false info in this movie so who knows what is true!

  2. This script I read last night is I guess only half of the movie..not the full script..there is still a ton more of this to cover..in more of the "acts". That script only goes to act 3. That is it..but a great story nonetheless. XD

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