Day in the Country

Don’t be confused that I am writing a travel experience. This was the title of an essay that my little sis gave me to write for her. One of her friends told her that this essay was suggested by “some” famous school teacher which is immense important for her upcoming SSC exam. She found the essay nowhere then came to me for writing it.

When I began to write I discovered that I’ve almost forgotten the rules for essay writing for SSC level. Whatever I can remember, I wrote my last essay in the HSC exam, that was in 2002. Six years and I didn’t write any essay. Don’t think that I could write magnificent essays at that time. Actually, I didn’t used to memorize the essays like the other students. I just created them in my exam papers! I don’t know how could I do that at that time, but the writings were quite well (again don’t think they were magnificent).

Rural scenario

But at last I managed to write down the essay. Don’t ask me – how? I myself don’t know! But I’ve done it – that is the point. And more of that, my sis liked that! And my satisfaction is that I can still write an essay like my childhood. 😀

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