3D Alphabets!

3D Alphabets

Above figure is the 3D models of our very well-known English alphabets. Most probably this would be the 3D view if we would lived in a 4D world! Thanx to Allah, we are not living in a 4D world. Just see the following picture which spells the word “GOD” with those 3d alphabets.

3D Alphabets [GOD]

To know about more of these 3D Alphabet click here.

4 thoughts on “3D Alphabets!”

  1. Scientists are getting nothing important to invent/discover. The whole world is satisfied with 26 alphabets. It was totally unnecessary to make 3D Alphabets.

    They're wasting their time.

    Aminul Islam

  2. Seems like a funny concept. It got clear after I checked out how they created the fonts in the link you provided. But I don't quite get why there are so many 'O's and 'D's in GOD.
    Anyway, speaking of alternative ideas, check out this link. It's about a book which claims to have developed a new physics from ground up, really from ground up, even dumping the most basic theories of Newton and Einstein! The link doesn't give you the book though, it just shows why a new physics is necessary, by pointing out some flaws in the conceptions of the current physics, which are now accepted as universal truth. There must be some counter logic to these claims but the link is still a good read. Check it out and tell me what you think.

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