These are called Exam Papers!

This post contains some funniest exam scripts that I’ve collected from the internet. It’s hard to believe that some students really have the nerve to write funny answer in answer scripts. Whatever the scripts are really enjoyable. I think the teachers were also enjoyed those scripts. Because I know how cumbersome job is to check the answer scripts and distribute marks for the answers. And this types of answer scripts is really a relief for a teacher… but what a pity, the relief maker students have no way to get marks for such a good (!) job.

Now enjoy the scripts by clicking the following “Read the rest of this entry »” link. To see the full view, please click the thumbnails of each pictures. Enjoy 😀


4 thoughts on “These are called Exam Papers!”

  1. These are really funny! I must say these students are very courageous to put down answers like that. Well, honestly speaking, sometimes I have no clue about the questions I face, especially in the semester finals. Now after watching these, I'll get a lot of ideas when I face such situations. But I'm not brave enough to go through with it.

  2. You are right 🙂 the "funny" answers always come up after the test / situation – but at least there is the inspiration for "next time" to be had from those students 🙂

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